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  • Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Valencia

    Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Valencia

    Valencia can be a city of topics: light, moon, paella, flowers, gunpowder, fallas…. These topics are keys to trying to explain what, in fact, can not be counted on words. You have to visit and know Valencia to verify that centennial traditions coexist along with the modernity. That the sea and the city are compatible. That the green of the orchard can be kept next to a modern urban plot. That, day and night, Valencia is unique.

    But the capital city of the Turia river is more than this. Besides to the uncountable attractions settled for centuries, now there is a series of striking infrastructures such as the City of Arts and Sciences and the Prince Felipe Museum strictly united to our culture.

    Valencia has its point. There is no rest with the transformation of the city, and you can’t miss the opportunity of a tour through the African savanna at the Bioparc.

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